Utah 2023

This form is to explain some necessities for the 2023 Perkiomen Valley High School Ski & Board Club trip to Utah. We are approaching the final month. We are all set to fly out on January 28th and return January 31st. Can’t wait to ski the west and Utah’s powder!

First, we ask that that each participant and a parent/guardian attend a MANADATORY meeting held during the first few weeks of School 2022/2023 in room 112. Students are also required to attend. At this meeting we will go over the trip in detail to make you aware of what is required of your son/daughter and answer any questions you might have.

Second, pricing for the trip will be set at $1,500 with an initial deposit of $600 due by 6/14/22 and the remaining balance of $900 due 9/30/22.

Finally, All students are allowed to bring a MAXIMUM of 3 bags: 1 luggage bag, 1 ski/snowboard bag, and 1 carry-on. No exceptions will be allowed! We ask that all students drop off what they will not need during the school day between 7 and 7:40 A.M at the BACK entrance of the team locker room. Students will NOT be able to get to their bags that are dropped off in the morning until we reach the airport. Student’s carry-on bag can be stored in their locker during the duration of school and students will be responsible for taking this bag to the bus.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Important Utah Trip Information


Everyone has a bed. We have multiple rooms and will figure out the configuration once we get there. 



  1. Luggage bag
    1. Dropped off between 7 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. to the back entrance of the team locker room.
    2. Consists of clothing and other personal items you will not need throughout the school day
    3. You do not have access to this bag after you drop off bag to the locker room.
    4. Searched by security.
    5. This should ideally be a “carry-on” bag
      1. If the bag does not adhere to “carry-on” sizes, the participant will be forced to checked the bag at their own expense. 
  2. Ski/Snowboard Equipment (in a bag)
    1. Dropped off between 7 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. to the back entrance of the team locker room. 
    2. Consists of skis/board, poles and boots.
    3. If you do not own a bag, please purchase one. They are between $40 - $200
    4. You do not have access to this equipment after your drop off bag to the locker room.
    5. Searched by security
    6. You are allotted a ski/boot bag or boarders get ONLY a board bag
  3. Backpack/purse
    1. Consists of a single backpack.
    2. Must be stowable under the airplane seat

Departure/Arrival Times *Estimates

1/28 Friday – Leave PV at 2:15 p.m.

  • Transportation leaves from the back parking lot near the pool.
  • Flight leaves at 5:55pm
  • Arrives in Salt Lake at 9:09 pm (11:09pm EST)

1/31 Tuesday – Arrive at Philadelphia Airport around 4:15 p.m.

  • Transportation provided back to PV
  • Consider carpooling

Rules and Regulations for 2023 Utah Trip

In order to facilitate the organization of a large group and to maintain the most enjoyable conditions possible for the 2023 Utah Ski Trip, the following rules and regulations will be enforced.  Students who violate any “rules” may be disciplined by any combination of house room confinement, school detention, school suspension, or other appropriate consequences as determined by the chaperones.  Students who violate any of the “regulations” will be turned over to the proper authorities and/or sent home at their parents’ expense and/or disciplined by any of the methods listed above dependent upon the severity of the offense as determined by the discretion of the chaperones.  No refunds will be given to any student who misses any portion of the itinerary as a result of violating these rules or regulations.


  1. No one is permitted to leave the immediate area outlined in the itinerary nor return to the house without chaperone approval.
  2. Being on time for every activity is required. 
  3. All students must be in school Wednesday, February 1st in order to participate in this trip.  Any unexcused or illegal absence from school on the above dates will automatically result in being denied participation in any future Ski & Snowboard trips.
  4. The instructions of the chaperones are to be followed at all times
  5. Be aware of, and responsible for, observing all rules and regulations of the house and all Ski lodges.  Your conduct influences our invitation to return in the future.
  6. Conversation, radio, and television sound must be kept to a normal conversation level especially during the late evening and curfew hours.
  7. Boys and girls are not to be in rooms of the opposite sex for any reason at any time.  Socialize while skiing and snowboarding or in the common areas of the house.  House rooms are not appropriate areas to congregate.
  8. Profane or obscene language or conduct will not be tolerated at any time or any place.
  9. Incense, cigarettes, lighters, water balloons, skateboards, boom boxes, etc. are not permitted on this trip.
  10. Be considerate, respectful, and mature in your actions. Equipment and facilities throughout the trip are expensive and you are responsible for any damage you cause.  The rights and feelings of others are important, especially while sharing a room with your roommates. 
  11. As a requirement of the trip, all students must consent to a luggage search prior to entering the bus for departure to the airport.  Students also agree to searches being conducted with reasonable suspicion at anytime during the trip. In addition, your bag and self will be search by the TSA at the airports.


REGULATIONS: (These are things a student could get sent home for – at their own expense!)

  1. Illegal/disorderly conduct of any type will not be tolerated (shoplifting, violent behavior, etc.)
  2. Stay with people from the group and have extended contact and conversation only with people whom you know at all times.  Never travel with strangers or alone.  Do not set times to meet another person as “date” while on this trip.
  3. No one is to be out of their assigned house room for any reason after the chaperones have checked their rooms or between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM.
  4. The drinking, buying, transportation, and/or possession of any alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden.
  5. Use or possession of marijuana, addictive or dangerous drugs or substances of any form is strictly prohibited.  Drugs (prescription or OTC), medications, and vitamins to be taken on this trip must be labeled properly in their original container.  
  6. Continued disregard of the rules and regulations of this trip will not be tolerated. 
I wish to participate in the 2023 Ski & Board Club trip to Utah. I have both received and read the rules and regulations for the trip and understand the stated conditions.
I (we) the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the named student above have both received and read the rules and regulations for the trip. I (We) hereby grant permission for the child indicated above to enter this agreement and agree to the conditions stated.
I understand that the $600 is made payable to PVSD and will only be refundable if I (student/parent) can find a direct replacement for the trip.