Blue Mountain


*ONLY 54 total students can be accommodated!


We’ll be offering a multi-session pass from Blue Mountain. The pass includes 4 lift tickets and transportation. As a bonus, you’ll have access to the 5th trip after Blue Mountain opens their passes to anyone, anytime. If you use your 5th pass ahead of time, it must fall on a non-holiday Monday – Thursday. However, Blue typically opens their mountain up to any pass holders the first week in March.

Dates of Trip

Thursday, 1/9/20
Thursday, 1/23/20
Thursday, 2/20/20
Thursday 3/5/20
Raindate/Cancellation 3/12/20




  • Students will load bus in faculty lot by the pool at 2:30pm
  • Depart from PVHS at 2:45pm
  • Arrive at Blue Mountain at 4:15pm
  • Depart from Blue Mountain at 9:30pm
  • Arrive back at PVHS at 10:30pm


Blue Mountain is Pocono skiing and riding at its best. The trails are long, steep and have some great terrain parks. To join us for a trip to this great mountain, click here to sign up!

Click Here For More Information and the Conditions at Blue Mountain. Below is an image of the trail map.


  • What if I miss a trip?
    • You can make up a trip on your own time anytime Monday – Thursday or use it after Blue opens the passes up to anytime (typically first week in March)
  • Can my pass be taken away?
    • Yes. If you do not follow the ski code (set by Ski Patrol), are late for departures from the mountain (you cause us to wait) or failure to adhere to any other trip rules.
  • Are there any refunds?
    • No. If you are sick, you will not get your bus money back. We are running the price of the pass based on number of paid students so we can’t offer any refunds.
  • What if we cancel for weather?
    • If the mountain closes, we close. If our busing cancels the trip, we won’t go. Other than that, we go. We will reschedule the trip if possible during another night (Monday – Thursday).